Algebra II Module 4, Topic A, Lesson 4

Student on Computer

Student Outcomes

  • Students use a hypothetical 1,000 two-way table to calculate probabilities of events.
  • Students calculate conditional probabilities given a two-way data table or using a hypothetical 1,000 two-way table.
  • Students use two-way tables (data tables or hypothetical 1,000 two-way tables) to determine if two events are independent.
  • Students interpret probabilities, including conditional probabilities, in context.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
S.CP.4 Construct and interpret two-way frequency tables of data when two categories are associated with...
S.CP.5 Recognize and explain the concepts of conditional probability and independence in everyday language...
S.CP.6 Find the conditional probability of A given B as the fraction of B’s outcomes that also belong to A...

Curriculum Map