Assessment for Administrators: Selected Resources for Quality Assessment Practices

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Selected Resources for Quality Assessment Practices:

  • Glossary of NYS Assessment Terms
  • K – 2 assessment guidance document
  • Understanding Assessments series from Real Learning for Real Life
  • RSN Toolkit
    • The Toolkit includes videos and supplemental materials to help teachers write and select well-designed assessments. Though the primary audience is teachers and principals, district and State leaders can use the Toolkit to design professional development opportunities.
    • The Toolkit includes 13 “modules” divided into four parts: (1) key concepts, (2) five elements of assessment design, (3) writing and selecting assessments and (4) reflecting on assessment design. The modules address how to plan, write and select well-designed assessments. The modules do not cover how to use assessments to measure student growth.
  • Kansas State Department of Education assessment literacy project
    • The Project is comprised of 21 stand-alone modules. Together, the modules treat educational assessment as a system in which curriculum, instruction, and assessment interact to improve educational decisions for students and schools.
    • The modules answer the five essential questions about assessment: What are the qualities of good assessment? What do tests measure? In what ways do they measure it? How should teachers and students go about preparing for and taking tests? And finally, What does it all mean?
  • Achieve assessment inventory
    • The Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts is a tool district leaders can use to take stock of their assessments and assessment strategy, and do so from a student perspective. The tool supports a process by which districts evaluate the assessments students are taking, determine the minimum testing necessary to serve essential diagnostic, instructional and accountability purposes, and work to ensure that every district-mandated test is of high quality, is providing the information needed for specific school and district purposes, and is supported by structures and routines so that assessment results are actually used and action steps taken that will help students.
  • BUROS Center for Testing assessment literacy
    • Buros provides instructional and educational resources that improve the ability of individuals to select, develop, and use tests and assessments in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines for responsible test use.