Building Evidence-Based Arguments ELA Literacy Units Grades 6-12

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These English Language Arts/Literacy Units empower students with critical reading and writing skills at the heart of the Common Core: analyzing and writing evidence-based arguments.


Part 1. Understanding the Nature of an Issue: Students apply their close reading skills to understand a societal issue as a context for various perspectives, positions, and arguments.

Part 2. Analyzing Arguments: Students delineate and analyze the position, premises, reasoning, evidence and perspective of arguments.

Part 3. Evaluating Arguments and Developing a Position: Students evaluate arguments, determine which arguments they find most compelling, and synthesize what they have learned so far to establish their own position.

Part 4. Organizing an Evidence-Based Argument: Students establish and sequence evidence-based claims as premises for a coherent, logical argument around a position related to the unit’s issue.

Part 5. Developing and Strengthening Argumentative Writing: Students use a collaborative process to develop and strengthen their writing in which they use clear criteria and their close reading skills in text-centered discussions about their emerging drafts.

These units are part of the Developing Core Proficiencies Program.

Building Evidence-Based Arguments – CCSS ELA / Literacy

Grade 6 Unit: Energy Crossroads

Grade 7 Unit: Doping Can Be that Last 2 Percent.

Grade 8 Unit: E pluribus Unum

Grade 9 Unit: What is the virtue of a proportional response?

Grade 10 Unit: Search Warrant

Grade 11 Unit: Cuplae poena par esto: Let the punishment fit the crime.

Grade 12 Unit: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.