Grade 12 ELA Curriculum Map

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The New York State Grade 12 curriculum modules offer a wide range of quality texts that engage students in analysis of autobiographical nonfiction, speeches, poetry, drama, and fiction. The grade 12 modules comprise classic and contemporary voices including Malcolm X with Alex Haley, Leslie Marmon Silko, Henry David Thoreau, Benazir Bhutto, Jared Diamond, William Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Nikolai Gogol. Through the study of a variety of text types and media, students build knowledge, analyze ideas, delineate arguments, and develop writing, collaboration, and communication skills. The lessons within each of the modules are linked explicitly to the Common Core Learning Standards and provide a rigorous and pedagogically-sound approach for how to bring the standards to life through thoughtful planning, adaption, and instruction. In Module 12.1, students engage with autobiographical nonfiction to explore the craft of personal narrative before beginning work on their own personal narrative essays in response to a prompt from the Common Application. In Module 12.2, students read both literary and nonfiction texts to analyze how authors use rhetoric and structure in texts dealing with concepts of government and power. In Module 12.3, students engage in an inquiry-based iterative process for research. Building on work with evidence-based analysis in Modules 12.1 and 12.2, students explore topics that may elicit multiple positions and perspectives, gathering and analyzing sources to establish a position of their own and crafting an argument-based research paper. In Module 12.4, the last module of high school, students work with literary texts, including drama, poetry, short fiction, and novel, to explore how authors treat similar central ideas and themes via character development and interaction..

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