Grade 5 ELA Module 3B

Students in classroom

Considering Perspectives and Supporting Opinions: Balancing Competing Needs in Canada

In this module, students explore how native Inuit and other people of Canada have used the natural resources available to meet their needs. In Unit 1, students read The Inuit Thought of It: Amazing Arctic Innovations, by Alootook Ipellie with David MacDonald, to learn about how the native Inuit people of Canada used natural resources in the Arctic to adapt and meet the needs of their community hundreds of years ago. In Unit 2, students read and view a variety of informational texts and media, including graphs, charts, and maps, to examine how the resources available in Canada today are used to develop products that meet the needs and wants of people in Canada and throughout the Western Hemisphere.

They will also explore ways that resource industries modify and/or affect the physical environment. In the third unit, students read a variety of informational texts to research, analyze, and reflect upon two points of view regarding a current mining project that has been proposed for development on Baffin Island, a present-day Inuit community in the territory of Nunavut. Students will express their opinion in the form of a four paragraph editorial essay. For the final performance task, students will share the final drafts of their editorials in small groups, using the Fishbowl protocol. This task addresses NYSP12 ELA CCLS W.5.1, W.5.4, W.5.5, W.5.8, W.5.9 b, L.5.1c, d, L.5.2a, b, d, e, SL.5.1, and SL.5.3.

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