Grade 5 ELA Module 4, Unit 1

Students in classroom.

In this very short unit, students will build their background knowledge about the science behind natural disasters. They will read two informational articles, one about hurricanes and the other about earthquakes. Students will focus on the relationships between scientific concepts in these informational texts, specifically how hurricanes and earthquakes form and what happens when they occur. For the mid-unit assessment, students will read and answer text-dependent questions about one new informational text about hurricanes. Following the mid-unit assessment, students will be read another new informational text, this one about earthquakes. They will then synthesize the information from both informational texts about hurricanes and earthquakes and organize their ideas in preparation for the end of unit assessment. For the end of unit on-demand assessment, students write an essay in which they explain how a hurricane is a natural disaster as well as participate in a Science Talk with peers about natural disasters. Students cite and organize evidence from multiple texts on the same topic.

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