Grade 6 Mathematics Module 4, Topic A, Overview

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To begin this module, students are introduced to important identities that will be useful in solving equations and developing proficiency with solving problems algebraically.  In Topic A, students understand the relationships of operations and use them to generate equivalent expressions (6.EE.A.3).  By this time, students have had ample experience with the four operations since they have worked with them from kindergarten through Grade 5 (1.OA.B.3, 3.OA.B.5).  The topic opens with the opportunity to clarify those relationships, providing students with the knowledge to build and evaluate identities that are important for solving equations.  In this topic, students discover and work with the following identities:  w - x + x = w, w + x - x = w, a divided by b times b = a, a times b divided by b = a (when b ≠ 0), and 3x = x + x + x.  Students will also discover that if 12 divided x = 4, then 12 - x - x - x - x = 0.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
6.EE.3 Apply the properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions.

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