Grade 6 Mathematics Module 5, Topic B, Overview

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In Module 3, students used coordinates and absolute value to find distances between points on a coordinate plane (6.NS.C.8).  In Topic B, students extend this learning to Lessons 7 and 8 where they find edge lengths of polygons (the distance between two vertices using absolute value) and draw polygons given coordinates (6.G.A.3).  From these drawings, students determine the area of polygons on the coordinate plane by composing and decomposing into polygons with known area formulas.  In Lesson 9, students further investigate and calculate the area of polygons on the coordinate plane and also calculate the perimeter.  They note that finding perimeter is simply finding the sum of the polygon’s edge lengths (or finding the sum of the distances between vertices).  Topic B concludes with students determining distance, perimeter, and area on the coordinate plane in real-world contexts. 

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
6.G.3 Draw polygons in the coordinate plane given coordinates for the vertices; use coordinates to find...

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