Grade 6 Mathematics Module 5, Topic C, Overview

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In Grade 5, students recognized volume as an attribute of solid figures.  They measured volume by packing right rectangular prisms with unit cubes and found that determining volume was the same as multiplying the edge lengths of the prism (5.MD.C.3, 5.MD.C.4).  Students extend this knowledge to Topic C where they continue packing right rectangular prisms with unit cubes; however, this time the right rectangular prism has fractional lengths  (6.G.A.2).  In Lesson 11, students decompose a one cubic unit prism in order to conceptualize finding the volume of a right rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths using unit cubes.  They connect those findings to apply the formula V = lwh and multiply fractional edge lengths (5.NF.B.4).  In Lessons 12 and 13, students extend and apply the volume formula to V = The area of the base times height or simply V = bh, where b represents the area of the base.  In Lesson 12, students explore the bases of right rectangular prisms and find the area of the base first, then multiply by the height.  They determine that two formulas can be used to find the volume of a right rectangular prism.  In Lesson 13, students apply both formulas to application problems.  Topic C concludes with real-life application of the volume formula where students extend the notion that volume is additive (5.MD.C.5c) and find the volume of composite solid figures.  They apply volume formulas and use their previous experience with solving equations (6.EE.B.7) to find missing volumes and missing dimensions.

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6.G.2 Find the volume of a right rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths by packing it with unit...

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