Grade 6 Mathematics Module 6

Grade 6 Module 6: Statistics

In this module, students move from simply representing data into analysis of data.  Students begin to think and reason statistically, first by recognizing a statistical question as one that can be answered by collecting data.  Students learn that the data collected to answer a statistical question has a distribution that is often summarized in terms of center, variability, and shape.  Throughout the module, students see and represent data distributions using dot plots and histograms.  They study quantitative ways to summarize numerical data sets in relation to their context and to the shape of the distribution.  As the module ends, students synthesize what they have learned as they connect the graphical, verbal, and numerical summaries to each other within situational contexts, culminating with a major project.

The student materials consist of the student pages for each lesson in Module 6. 

The copy ready materials are a collection of the module assessments, lesson exit tickets and fluency exercises from the teacher materials.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
6.SP.1 Recognize a statistical question as one that anticipates variability in the data related to the...
6.SP.2 Understand that a set of data collected to answer a statistical question has a distribution which...
6.SP.3 Recognize that a measure of center for a numerical data set summarizes all of its values with a...

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