Grade 8 ELA Module 2A

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Working With Evidence: Taking a Stand

In this second module, students will continue to develop their ability to closely read text while studying the theme of taking a stand. During the first half of Unit 1, students will read two speeches reflecting examples of real people taking a stand. By reading these speeches they will build background knowledge about the module’s overarching theme, engage in a study of the speaker’s perspective, and analyze the craft of forming an argument. In the second half of Unit 1, students will read Part 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and continue to study the theme of taking a stand as it is revealed in the novel. Students will engage in a character study of Atticus by analyzing his actions and words, and what others say about him, to better understand him as a character. This analysis will provide details and evidence for students to use in their end of Unit 2 argument essay. In addition to reading and studying the text, students will view excerpts of the To Kill a Mockingbird film that strongly convey the novel’s themes, and they will analyze how the film remains true to the original text as well as how it veers from the original.

In Unit 2, students will continue to study the theme of taking a stand as they finish the novel. They will develop their argument writing skills through scaffolded writing lessons, culminating in a literary analysis essay in which they argue whether or not it made sense, based on Atticus’s character, for him to have taken a stand and defend Tom Robinson. In Unit 3, having finished the novel, students will return to key quotes from the novel that relate to the themes of the Golden Rule and Taking a Stand. Students will form groups to create a Readers Theater montage in which they select one key quote; then they will select scenes from the novel that reveal the message of the quote. Students will recreate these scenes in a Readers Theater structure and provide commentary on how their script remains true and veers from the original text. This Readers Theater final performance task centers on NYSP12 ELA Standards RL.8.2, RL.8.3, W.8.3, W.8.4, and W.8.11b.

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