Grade 8 ELA Module 2A, Unit 1, Lesson 15

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In the Opening, students focus on Chapter 6, even though they read both Chapters 6 and 7 for homework. This is intentional, since Chapter 6 is more integral to the work of the module, and since during Work Time, students will compare Chapter 6 with the poem “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden.
• Poem text structure analysis is introduced in this lesson. Because it requires new and complex skills, the teacher guides this lesson heavily. In the next two lessons, students will practice these skills more independently.
• In advance: Read “Those Winter Sundays” several times to become familiar with both the meaning and the structure. Decide which Discussion Appointment to use today.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
RL.8.1 Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly...
RL.8.2 Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text...
RL.8.5 Compare and contrast the structure of two or more texts and analyze how the differing structure of...

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