Grade 8 ELA Module 2A, Unit 2

Student reading text.

In this unit, students begin to read Part 2 of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, and they finish it before the unit’s end. As they read, students will continue to reflect on the reading by answering focus questions that attend to the theme of taking a stand, while also studying other important aspects of the novel involving character analysis and perspective. In order to track their thinking as they read the rest of the novel, students will continue to add to their Atticus Note-catchers from Unit 1 as well as the Taking a Stand anchor chart. For the mid-unit assessment, students will summarize a key scene in the novel, view the film excerpt of that scene, then compare and contrast the film version and the novel to determine how the film version remains the same or veers from the original text. Students will also consider the choices made by the actors and the director in their text-to-film analysis. After the mid-unit assessment, students continue to read the novel and begin to prepare for the argument essay by examining a model essay and writing rubric. For their end of unit assessment, students write an argument essay in which they argue whether it makes sense for Atticus, based on his character, to take a stand to defend Tom Robinson. 

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