Grade 8 ELA Module 3A, Unit 2

Student taking notes in class.

In this second unit, students will continue to closely examine the case study of imprisoned Louie Zamperini as they read Unbroken. They will expand their study as they learn about interned Japanese-American Miné Okubo in a separate biographical account. As students read both Zamperini’s and Okubo’s stories, they will focus on the theme of resisting forced “invisibility” while being imprisoned or interned. This theme concept will be analyzed through a dual lens: the internal struggle to maintain dignity, identity, and self-worth against dehumanizing efforts; and the external isolation of being closed off from the outside world while in captivity.

In the mid-unit assessment, students will build on the background knowledge they have gained about the Pacific Theater in World War II and the plight of Japanese-Americas as they classify various mediums used to convey information about World War II. Students will also evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using different mediums to communicate during this mid-unit assessment. For the end of unit assessment, students will write an informational essay in which they use the strongest evidence from both texts to show how captors forced “invisibility” upon those imprisoned or interned.

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