Grade 9 ELA Module 2, Unit 3, Lesson 8

Student reading

This lesson continues the second informational text, which examines the Bernard Madoff scandal through the lens of a book review about the book The Wizard of Lies. Students will listen to a masterful reading and reread and answer questions about the text in pairs. Students will also identify relevant technical terms and phrases to prepare them for the excerpt from The Wizard of Lies.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
RI.9-10.2 Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text,...
SL.9-10.1 Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups...
L.9-10.4.a Use context (e.g., the overall meaning of a sentence, paragraph, or text; a word’s position or...

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