Growth Model for Educator Evaluation in 2011-2012


This page includes materials that were presented by the American Institutes of Research (AIR) at the Network Team Institute in June/July 2012. These materials can be used by trainers as they present information about the growth model. A webinar featuring Mariann Lemke, Director of Value-Added Services at AIR, is also available on this page for educators to review at their own pace.

Updated: Please use the presentation posted below when reviewing the “Growth Model for Educator Evaluation in 2011-12 Webinar” and when providing training associated with the growth model. In addition we have posted a revised script to use for training purposes. If you are watching the webinar, please stop the webinar after slide 30 and continue training by watching the “Using Growth Measures for Educator Evaluation in 2011-12″ webinar posted below.