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Featured news and resources to support the field with the systemic use of the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Continuum.

The Department believes the overall quality of teaching and learning can be raised through the implementation of comprehensive systems of talent management, rooted in sound implementation of the teacher and principal evaluation system. Such systems leverage programs that focus on various elements of a strategically planned Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Continuum. In doing so, these systems can address common talent management challenges that serve as barriers to student achievement and equal education opportunity. 

The Improving Practice page is updated by the Office of Teacher/Principal Quality & Professional Development, formerly known as the Office of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness, with tools, resources, and information to improve teaching and learning.

Our goal is to ensure that every year, every school has an effective leader and every classroom has an effective teacher so that every child can learn and achieve to his or her full potential. 



Information, Tools, and Resources for Improving Practice

The information and resources accessible through the links below are deeply informed by promising practices in Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across New York State including lessons learned through the $83 million Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (STLE) grant program.

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Improving Practice Continuum
The TLE Continuum: The Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Continuum is made up of seven components that should be used in comprehensive and systematic ways to improve the quality, quantity, and diversity of the teacher and principal workforce, and most importantly – improve student outcomes.
STLE Grant
STLE Grant: The $83 million in funds under the STLE grant helped LEAs take a comprehensive systems approach to prepare, recruit, develop, retain and provide equitable access to the most effective teachers and principals as part of their implementation of the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) system.
National Board Logo
Established in 1987, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is an independent, nonprofit organization working to advance accomplished teaching for all students.


NYS Equity Plan
NYS Equity Plan: New York State’s updated equity plan serves to outline strategies for how the State will continue to work with LEAs to ensure every student has equitable access to the most effective educators. The Department believes that strong preparation programs, meaningful teacher and principal evaluation systems, professional development, and career ladder pathways, implemented as part of a comprehensive talent management system, will ensure equitable access to effective educators and address achievement gaps.
STLE intSTLE Interactive Map
STLE Interactive Map: This interactive map highlights 29 out of the 221 LEAs that have participated in the STLE grant program. The program summaries are intended to provide users with insight into how these grantees implemented initiatives to strategically further develop our most important asset in K-12 education, our teachers and principals, so that all students have access to the most effective educators.
Career Ladder Pathways Toolkit
Career Ladder Pathways Toolkit: This interactive, web-based toolkit includes profiles of adaptable career ladder pathways models, resources, and best practices to help address the five common talent management challenges that contribute significantly to equitable access, resources that will help LEAs implement the Department’s framework, and recommended steps to design and implement robust career ladder pathways.
Improving Practice District Spotlights
Improving Practice District Spotlights: These video and media spotlights show how LEAs across the State are utilizing teacher and principal leaders in career ladder pathways as part of their comprehensive talent management systems to improve teaching and learning.
Professional Learning Opportunities
Professional Learning Opportunities: These tools and resources, including interactive webinars, are designed to support LEAs at various stages in utilizing their APPR results to drive talent management decisions.
Resources from Engage-Envision-Elevate Convening
Resources from Engage-Envision-Elevate Convening: These resources contain information, tools, and tips shared at the July 2014 Convening, “Engage-Envision-Elevate: From Initiatives to Systems.” Topics include developing career ladder pathways, systems thinking, peer observation, family and community engagement, professional learning communities, and force field analysis.
NYS Adapted Quality Framework
NYS Adapted Quality Framework: Through the use of the Quality Framework districts are able to reflect on Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) implementation at the local level, gauging system strength and determining priorities for improvement.

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