Lesson Exemplars for English Language Learners/Multilingual Language Learners in Grades K-2: Introduction

Group of young students working at a table

This introduction describes the lesson exemplars that demonstrate ways to support ELLs/MLLs in mastering lessons in the three Core Knowledge Tell It Again! Read-Aloud Anthologies. Additionally, the lesson exemplars demonstrate ways to support ELLs’/MLLs’ in learning skills routines. There are hyperlinks in the exemplar lessons to the Core Knowledge anthologies and learning skills routines.

The supports used in the lessons are based on the Attaining Core Competencies for English Language Learners (ACCELL) model. ACCELL is an evidence-based model developed by AIR to support ELLs/MLLs in mastering core grade-level content. ACCELL is described in the Overview to the Resources.

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