March 2015 NTI: Participant Led Professional Development Sessions

NTI Presentation

TUESDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS (participants may attend one of the options below):


Common Core Math – A Different Approach to Teaching the EngageNY Curriculum
Kristin Luconte, Rochester City School District, Grade 2 teacher, highlighted teacher in EngageNY Video Project

Participants will learn new strategies to teach the EngageNY Math curriculum including ways to differentiate lessons for struggling learners.

Participants will walk away with strategies for teaching the EngageNY Math curriculum in grades K-5. Educators will learn how using small groups during instruction will allow them to differentiate lessons for struggling learners, while still maintaining rigorous standards.

Student Center 5:15pm-6:30pm


Curriculum & Instruction: Planning and Implementing Scaffolds in Mathematics to Support Struggling Students Including Students with Disabilities

  • Kathleen R. Scholand, Mattituck-Cutchogue UFSD, Teacher/Mathematics Department Coordinator, NYS Common Core Institute Fellow
  • Donna Kart, Wappingers Falls Central School District, Teacher/Instructional Coach, NYS Common Core Institute Fellow

Participants will learn strategies the presenter uses to create scaffolds for struggling learners when planning for instruction.

Participants will receive and share strategies used to assist struggling learners during instruction.

Effective instruction depends to a large extent on a teacher’s responsiveness to the needs of struggling learners.  This is a crucial point since all students struggle at one time or another. It is a critical point for students with learning disabilities.  In this session, participants will learn how to create scaffolds for struggling learners during planning for instruction and how to make adjustments to scaffold for struggling learners during a lesson.  Participants will leave the session with a framework to determine when and how to incorporate scaffolds to meet the R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. of their student learners.

Meeting Room A & B 5:15pm-6:30pm

THURSDAY AFTERNOON SESSIONS (participants may attend one of the options below):


Project Based Learning – Adapting the Modules for the 21st Century Learner

  • Andrea Miller, Carthage Central School District, Assistant Superintendent
  • Jen Myers, Carthage Central School District, Elementary Principal
  • Holly Baldwin, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Sarah Deem, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Barb Morgan, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher  
  • Sarah Virnelli, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Tara Rivers, Carthage Central School District, Special Education Consultant Teacher

Participants will be introduced to  various aspects of PBL and learn how they can begin applying these attributes to ELA module instruction in a way that enhances the 21st Century Learning Skills and scaffolds for struggling learners in ELA.

This session is designed to mimic some of the teaching methods of Project Based Learning (PBL). We will demonstrate how those methods can be applied to the classroom;  particularly to the ELA Modules in a meaningful way. Educators will have the opportunity to engage in one of the driving forces of PBL and see how effectively it can be applied to module study. Educators will be exposed to many of the other aspects of PBL and how they can fit into module instruction with minor or major adaptations depending on the goals and ambitions of the educator(s).  The session will address actual PBL based adaptations made to the modules and used in the classroom by 4th grade teachers; including some real time instructional decisions. Additionally, the session will cover how PBL methods can be used to further engage SWDs, several benefits and challenges associated with PBL adaptations,, resources for getting started, and a video which covers how PBL addresses the 21st Century Learning Skills. The session will conclude with time for questions and answers.

Student Center 4:15pm-5:30pm


Empowering Educators: Secondary Common Core Curriculum Enhancements including differentiation, technology integration, and revisions.

  • Ani Rosario, Dansville CSD, English Teacher and Reading Specialist, NYS Common Core Institute Fellow

Participants will learn about the research based enhancements that are currently being embedded into the curriculum at the secondary level.  They will gain access to proposed enhancements, be allowed the opportunity to respond to the suggestions, and will learn how to use some of the tools that have allowed the enhancements to be made.

Participants will learn how technology can be utilized to enhance the curriculum, and how to revise materials that are currently available. They will also have the opportunity to respond to the proposed enhancements and voice their opinion.

Participants will be given the unique perspective of viewing the curriculum through the lens of a Common Core Institute Fellow. Participants will gain access to proposed module enhancements, give feedback, and will learn how to approach module modification. Scaffolds for struggling learners and SWD, such as technology use and differentiation of materials will also be included.

Meeting Room A&B 4:15pm-5:30pm


K-12 Social Studies Update:  Implementation and Strategic Next Steps

  • Greg Ahlquist, Webster Central Schools, 2013 NYS Teacher of the Year, State Education Department Social Studies Consultant

Participants will be able to

  • lead strategic next steps in social studies classrooms
  • lead K-12 Social Studies vertical system conversations
  • read and begin implementation of  the K-12 Social Studies Framework
  • begin aligning curriculum and assessment
  • inform others about upcoming resources to support curriculum and instruction in Social Studies

This interactive session will offer strategic advice on how districts and teachers can take reasonable, practical, and systemic steps to prepare students for the changes in Social Studies and especially for the new Global Regents exam target date of June 2018.  This interactive session, applicable to teachers and administrators, will focus on the implementation of the NYS Social Studies Framework and share the latest work and timeline for the NYS Resource Toolkit Project.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of skills and the Social Studies practices, a foundational part of the Framework.  Bring your questions, concerns, and input to this update from a teacher working on the leadership team at SED.   

Huxley Theater 4:15pm-5:30pm