March 2015 NTI: Participant-led session: 3-8 ELA

NTI participants

Project Based Learning - Adapting the Modules for the 21st Century Learner

  • Andrea Miller, Carthage Central School District, Assistant Superintendent
  • Jen Myers, Carthage Central School District, Elementary Principal
  • Holly Baldwin, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Sarah Deem, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Barb Morgan, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Sarah Virnelli, Carthage Central School District, 4th Grade Teacher
  • Tara Rivers, Carthage Central School District, Special Education Consultant Teacher


This session is designed to mimic some of the teaching methods of Project Based Learning (PBL). We will demonstrate how those methods can be applied to the classroom;  particularly to the ELA Modules in a meaningful way. Educators will have the opportunity to engage in one of the driving forces of PBL and see how effectively it can be applied to module study. Educators will be exposed to many of the other aspects of PBL and how they can fit into module instruction with minor or major adaptations depending on the goals and ambitions of the educator(s).  The session will address actual PBL based adaptations made to the modules and used in the classroom by 4th grade teachers; including some real time instructional decisions. Additionally, the session will cover how PBL methods can be used to further engage SWDs, several benefits and challenges associated with PBL adaptations,, resources for getting started, and a video which covers how PBL addresses the 21st Century Learning Skills. The session will conclude with time for questions and answers.


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