March 2015 NTI: Participant-led session: 9-12 ELA

NTI participants

Empowering Educators: Secondary Common Core Curriculum Enhancements including differentiation, technology integration, and revisions

Ani Rosario, Dansville CSD, English Teacher and Reading Specialist, NYS Common Core Institute Fellow


In this session, participants will learn about the research based enhancements that are currently being embedded into the curriculum at the secondary level. They will gain access to proposed enhancements, be allowed the opportunity to respond to the suggestions, and will learn how to use some of the tools that have allowed the enhancements to be made.

Participants will be given the unique perspective of viewing the curriculum through the lens of a Common Core Institute Fellow. Participants will gain access to proposed module enhancements, give feedback, and will learn how to approach module modification. Scaffolds for struggling learners and SWD, such as technology use and differentiation of materials will also be included.

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