Prekindergarten Mathematics Module 5, Topic B

Student With Plant

Topic B marks an exciting point in Pre-K children’s math learning as they begin to explore addition of numbers to 5 through story problems.  They build on the comparison work of Module 4, so that "putting more" indicates addition:  If we have 3 apples and add 2 more, how many apples do we have all together (PK.OA.1)?  Throughout this exploration, students use concrete objects, pictures, or drawings to count the parts and the total (PK.OA.1).

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
PK.CC.2 Represent a number of objects with a written numeral 0 – 5 (with 0 representing a count of no...
PK.OA.1 Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction by using objects, fingers, and responding...

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