The Role of Research in Common Core Instruction

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This memo provides guidance for educators and administrators about implementing the research skills addressed in the Prekindergarten – Grade 12 ELA/Literacy Common Core State Standards. Included here are recommendations for leveraging librarians, media specialists, and cultural institutions to support and advance local curriculum decisions about implementation of these research practices in any grade. Links to examples in the curriculum modules and additional NYSED sources are provided.

Research Resources

These optional models emphasize the iterative nature of student-led research, and may be used by educators across content areas throughout the research process.

Odell Education Research to Deepen Understanding Units, Grades 6-12

These units are adaptable across content areas and help to develop students’ ability to research in order to gain deeper understanding of a topic or idea.

NYSED English Language Arts Curriculum materials

The elementary and middle-level modules incorporate research skills throughout and build a foundation for the long-term research-focused curriculum modules that can serve as a guide through the research paper process within the high school classroom for Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 (coming soon).

Stripling Model of Inquiry

This detailed model demonstrates how inquiry-based learning in all content areas follows a process that progresses through six phases, but is recursive and reflective throughout.

Information Fluency Continuum (IFC)     

Based on the Stripling Model, the IFC provides opportunities for librarians and teachers to incorporate the teaching of inquiry through classroom instruction and project- based learning across content areas.

Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework focuses on the disciplinary and multidisciplinary concepts and practices that make up the process of investigation, analysis, and explanation which is aligned to New York State’s social studies standards and framework.

New York State Cultural Institutions

This is a valuable resource for teachers of all content areas to find museums, archives and records repositories, libraries, and public media within each county of New York State.


NOVELny is an online library of databases containing hundreds of magazines, newspapers, maps, charts, research and reference books that are available to every New Yorker, free of charge.

Finding Primary Sources

The NYS Archives provides two resources to help researchers locate primary sources in their communities:

Consider the Source: Historical Records in the Classroom offers advice on locating primary sources in New York libraries, museums, archives, community organizations, governments, businesses and more.

Instructional Videos on finding primary sources and teaching with primary sources are available to help teachers and students conduct research in county and town clerk’s offices and historical organizations.


Downloadable Resources

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