Teaching is at the Core

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A Message From Commissioner John. B King:

In the summer of 2010, the New York State Board of Regents, along with 45 other states, adopted the Common Core Standards. Our goal is to ensure that every student in New York graduates from high school prepared for college and career. Thanks to the hard work of teachers and administrators in districts and schools throughout New York, Common Core instruction is happening in classrooms across the state. In New York State, Teaching is the Core. 

This spring, students in Grades 3-8 took the English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments that were aligned to the Common Core Standards. Students were asked to closely read and analyze more challenging texts, to write with evidence drawn from text, to demonstrate deep understanding of math concepts, and to apply their math skills to complex, real world problems. Thanks to the new assessments, we will have a more accurate picture of where our students are on the trajectory to college and career readiness.

The next step is to act on this information and to continue the hard work of shifting instruction to reflect the higher expectations of the Common Core. For schools and districts across New York State to truly put teaching at the core of what we do, we must focus the attention of all New York State educators on the rigorous and engaging instruction that will lead to higher achievement for all students, from our highest-performing districts to our most challenged. EngageNY.org will continue to provide curricular modules, instructional supports, videos and other materials to support the New York educators who work tirelessly on behalf of their students every day. 

Resources to Support Teaching is the CORE
English Language Arts Curriculum Modules Mathematics Curriculum Modules
Secondary Research Materials Scaffolding Texts and Tasks for English Language Learners
Tools to Guide the Collection of Evidence of Shifts in Practice Assessment Design Documents (and guidance for instructional use)
Professional Development Materials
A Portrait of a District Getting Smarter about the Core

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