The Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Continuum

Two teachers in library

The Department believes that strengthening educator practice can be achieved by improving talent management systems. The Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Continuum is made up of seven components that should be used in comprehensive and systematic ways to improve the quality, quantity, and diversity of the teacher and principal workforce, and most importantly – improve student outcomes. Within the context of a comprehensive TLE system, data about educator practice and student learning obtained from evaluation systems can help inform decisions to prepare, recruit, develop, retain, and ensure equitable access to effective educators.

TLE Improving Practice Continuum


  • Preparation – Collaboration or formal partnership between LEAs and Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) or other eligible partners.
  • Recruitment and Placement – Activities to attract the most effective educators to LEAs and the schools that need them.
  • Induction and Mentoring – Individualized support for new and early career educators to advance their professional practice and improve their ability to produce positive student outcomes.
  • Evaluation – Activities and programs to support the continued enhancement of LEAs’ evaluation systems.
  • Professional Development/Growth – Differentiated ongoing support for teacher and principal effectiveness based on evidence of educator practice and student learning.
  • Performance Management – Use of evaluation data in development, compensation, and employment decisions.
  • Career Ladder Pathways – Opportunities for career advancement for educators identified as Effective or Highly Effective.

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To learn about how LEAs strategically address various elements of the TLE Continuum please see the New York State Career Ladder Pathway Local Education Agency Profiles and the STLE Interactive Map. In addition, the Annotated Guide to Sample New York State Career Ladder Pathways with Rubric (available from the downloadable resource section on this page) illustrates how a design team can use the Department’s recommended steps and resources within the New York State Career Ladder Pathways Toolkit to develop career ladder pathways that align with the Department’s framework and address all components of the TLE Continuum.